Founder and Director


Growing Up

 An accomplished artist, Dr. Subha Maruvada has a unique distinction of celebrated excellence in two classical dance techniques of South India - Kuchipudi under Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam and Bharatnatyam under Mrs. Kamala Narayana (Laxman). She was awarded the titles of "Bharata Kamalarnava Kaustubha", and "Bharata Nrutyarnava Kaustubha". In a review "Graceful movements, charming stage presence, and natural sophistication in Abhinaya" were described by Mrs. Kamala Narayana (Laxman).


Dance is her life

Dance has always been vital part of her life. She has made a deep commitment to dedicate her life to the art of Kuchipudi with the encouragement of her Guru Dr. Vempati Chinna Sathyam, the acknowledged maestro and foremost exponent of Kuchipudi today. It is her life-time ambition to further propagate Kuchipudi dance style through performances, workshops, lecture demonstrations, and training. She has also earned a Ph.D in Acoustics from Penn State University. She works in a research program in eradication of Cancer in children.


Her Style

Her dance is distinguished for its superb abhinaya (mime), sound rhythm, and impeccable grace. Subha is the founder and artistic director of Pranava Natyam. Her dance is marked by fluidity and grace.




A dance drama choreographed by Suha Maruvada as a fund raising for Chinmaya Mission. It is ballet on Sri Rama's birth to his coronation.


Sri Krishna Parijatham

The story of this dance ballet, which is found in the Harivamsa Purana. Narada, considering the time suitable for arousing a quarrel between Satyabhama and Rukmini, proceeds to Dwaraka.  


Her Guru


Her Guru



The first dancer to celebrate Diwali at the Pentagon

Kuchipudi Art Academy, Chennai


Guru and his students

Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam


Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam and Swarajya Lakshmi



Rangapravesam at Kasturi Srinivasa Hall, Chennai

Her Passion


Sri Krishna Parijatham


Other Performances

• Washingtn DC Travel & Adventure Show - Every Year

• Sri Siva Vishnu Temple - 2018

• DC Sai Samstha - 2018

• Judging Dance Contests

• Lecture Demonstration

• Pentagon - 2013

• DC Convention Center - Multiple Ocassions

• Sri Thyagaraja Gana Sabha - Hyderabad - 2012

• Ramayana dance ballet at Chinmaya Mission with 38 dancers - 2011

• Guru recognition at Chinmaya Misssion – By Pranava students-Yrly

• Lecture demonstration at UMD - Multiple Ocassions

• Master of ceremonies – ‘Meghadut’ - 2011

• Krishna Parijatham with Dr. Sobha Naidu - 2011

• Classical dance contest as judge. - 2011

• Master of ceremonies during the tours - Multiple Ocassions

• Music Academy, Chennai  - 2009

• Madison Square Garden (Felt Forum),  - 1984

• Ramayana with Mrs. Kamala Narayan for V.H.Parishad - 1984

• American Medical Association, Kentucky  - 1988

• AT&T (Bell Labs), New Jersey - 1988

• Lecture Demonstration and performance  PSU - 1986-1998

• Cultural Association of Corpus Christi, TX - 1992

• Telugu Association of Greater Washington - Multiple Ocassions

• Hindu Temple of New York - Multiple Ocassions

• Bharati  Society of Toronto, Canada  - Multiple Ocassions

• Indian Association of Quebec, Canada - Multiple Ocassions

• Bharati  Society of Montreal, Canada - Multiple Ocassions

• Hindi Temple Society, New Jersey - Multiple Ocassions

• Indian Association, Dehradun, India - 1990

• Kasturi  Srinivasa Hall of Music Academy, Chinnai, India - 1990

• Sri Venkateswara Temple, Pittsburgh - Multiple Ocassions

• The Hindu Temple of Atlanta - Multiple Ocassions

• Translate dance items in English and Spanish - Multiple Ocassions

• Music Academy, Chennai  India - 2008

• University of Maryland, Maryland - Multiple Ocassions

• Bridgewater temple, Bridgewater, New Jersey - Multiple Ocassions

• Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Maryland - Multiple Ocassions

• Many other temples and cultural organization around the country